Drop Cell Trial Frames

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Drop Cell Trial frames combine all the feedback and improvements for trial frames we have received over the years. They are similar to the very popular "Kooki" frame which is no longer available. While they are not adjustable for PD, they can be manufactured to be VERY light in weight and they have a soft nose piece. The entire frame has an integral metal skeleton for durability and strength. Further, the spring loaded temples and the shape of the temples means you do not have to fit them exactly to the PD so each frame fits many patients.Each frame comes with an extra nose piece. The trial lenses are held in place gently by a spring.Key Features:Lenses drop-in and out while on the patientIntegral metal frame for durabilitySecurely holds 3 lenses on each sideUnique temples hug the patient securelyVery light weight713500 54 mm PD Comes in pink only713600 58 mm PD Comes in light blue only713700 62 mm PD Comes in light blue only713800 66 mm PD Comes in grey only713900 70 mm PD Comes in grey onlyThese Drop-cell frames are available individually in PD sizes 54, 58, 62, 66, and 70 or as a set with all 5 PD’s. The set covers small children through Adult. You will not be disappointed!