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Good-Lite and the College of Optometrists in Vision Development have partnered to make this affordable pediatric starter kit that is perfect for your practice. With a total retail value of $85, you save over $50! Packed with essentials, this kit works for both the new practitioner and the seasoned veteran.

Each COVD Kit Contains:

  • 1 Toucan Fixation PD Rule, a versatile tool for Fixation that includes a pupilometer, and inches, millimeters, and diopters measurements
  • 1 Each of the Good-Lite Green and Red Fixation Cubes, containing colorful images of animals, plus a convenient acuity test with two optotypes on top of each cube
  • 1 Mini-Spinning Fixation Globe, a fun spinning light globe that is excellent for holding the attention of younger children
  • 2 Assorted Finger Puppets, used as Fixation
  • 1 pair of Flip-Up Occluder Glasses that make vision testing fun and easy for even the most uncompliant of patients. The frosted lenses allow for occlusion, but also keep the eye visible for observation.
  • 1 LEA SYMBOLS® Near Vision Card for acuity testing
  • 1 LEA SYMBOLS® Translucent Response Panel
  • 1 6ft Brock String for Vision Therapy training
  • 1 Opaque Lifesaver Card used to help train divergent skills

Note: Certain products received may not reflect the product image.