30 point Damato Campimeter

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Damato Campimeter Sku(s): 293000 Description: This hand-held campimeter enables practitioners to assess the central 30-degree visual field when other methods are impractical. It consists of a double-sided card with a test grid on each side. Each test grid displays a central stimulus surrounded by a series of numbered fixation targets. The patient looks at each numbered fixation target in turn, so that the stimulus moves through 30 relevant areas of the visual field. While the patient gazes at a selected target, the examiner dials a disc so that a black-on-white stimulus briefly appears in a central window on the test card. The normal blind spot is used as a control. An occluder for the eye is attached to the side of the test card by a rigid arm to ensure that the patient is at the correct working distance. This test is fully portable and does not require a power supply. The “perimetry by numbers” technique makes the examination relatively easy to learn and administer. Includes recording forms.